A documentary about race, education and gentrification in Austin, Texas.


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The Project

Told by the citizens of Austin, Texas, Still Overcoming is a documentary project detailing the life work of Almetris Marsh Duren, also known as "Mama D." Almetris was instrumental in integrating one of America’s largest universities during the civil rights era in 1956. At that time, the University of Texas at Austin was not quite ready to follow the code of the federal law. These citizens' stories share a common bond with the first African-American woman hired by the university. This story is dear to our hearts and must be told.


“There's a difference between being invited to the party and being asked to dance.”

Virginia Cumberbatch  |  University of texas at austin

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From The Filmmaker

Almetris Marsh Duren is my aunt.  I first met her in Los Angeles, California when I was 9-years-old upon her retirement from The University of Texas at Austin, and it was academics at first sight.  As a now 44-year-old television producer living in Los Angeles, the thought of tackling my aunt’s story is too good of an opportunity for her and me to reconnect again, over academics.



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